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Developing the IT Framework

Along with incremental improvement, three principles guided the evolution of this framework:

  • Listening to smart people
  • Learning from what’s working well
  • Working for the public good

The OCIO is surrounded by smart people

This framework went through five iterations in as many months, each increasingly enlightened by feedback from the Technology Service Board. In addition to input from the state IT community through our CIO Forum, we are grateful to a representative group of IT leaders from our customer agencies who brought their insights to the framework. Further, the evolution of this framework was inspired by the IT alignment effort to unify central IT policy and services which is underway in the legislative session.

We started by examining what's working well.

Rather than focusing entirely on problems, we asked: What’s working well? We’ve leveraged the OCIO’s experience of prioritizing IT related budget requests - a process that has evolved over the past three years. Annually, the OCIO generates and publishes decision criteria it uses to weight, score and rank all the state’s IT budget requests. The OCIO has conducted the prioritization process in increasingly transparent ways. This state IT framework benefits from the attendant strategic thinking and stakeholder engagement that helped shaped that process.

Public service is fueled by passionate people.

This strategic framework is also inspired by the collaborative efforts of our IT colleagues across the state who’ve engaged in a number of important enterprise-wide programs and initiatives. While some initiatives are led by the OCIO, such as Technology Business Management (TBM), Washington Business One Stop (WABOS), the Washington Geographic Information Council (WAGIC), the Open Data Initiative, and Washington OneNet, others are self-organized communities such as the enterprise architecture group, SEART. In each case, the strength of the work issues from diligent public servants who make IT happen.