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Michael Cockrill Biography

Michael Cockrill

Michael Cockrill is the Washington State Chief Information Officer (CIO), appointed by Governor Jay Inslee on January 23, 2013. His responsibilities include overseeing the state’s strategic vision for information technology (IT), evaluating state agencies’ IT spending and major technology projects, and establishing IT policies and standards across state government.

Michael brings to the state more than 20 years of operational experience building both software and software companies in the private sector including PhotoRocket, Atlas Accelerator, Mixxer, and Qpass. He is also a nine-year veteran of Microsoft, where he led Product Management on MSN’s original e-commerce efforts and the client strategy for Microsoft Merchant Server and Commerce Server, as well as design and development of the Microsoft Wallet and the Commerce division’s overall payment strategy.

Michael holds a double BS in Computer Science and Mathematics from the University of Puget Sound, in addition to non-degree graduate work at UCLA and the University of Otago, New Zealand.