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Enterprise Service: IP Address Management


Enterprise Service: IP Address Management
October 17, 2016

THIS IS A DRAFT ENTERPRISE SERVICE PROPOSAL  It is under agency CIO review as of 02/22/2017

  • The business processes associated with Internet Protocol (IP) Address Management have been designated as an enterprise service:
    • Develop and maintain statewide IP addressing schema and supporting plan

    • Acquire address ranges from ARIN in support of that statewide plan (appropriate numbers and classes of addresses)

    • Create standards and protocols for use of addresses or ranges of addresses

    • Identify blocks of address ranges to be assigned to specific agencies.

The IP Address Management enterprise service designation would not include any assignment or management of addresses allotted to an agency.  Most agencies will choose to manage these tasks using their respective resources, but may also request this service from WaTech. 

This designation DOES NOT apply to the K-20 network.

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