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Geospatial Program Office

The Washington State Geospatial Program Office's primary role is to provide enterprise-wide leadership, governance, policy direction and standards oversight in Washington state government.   The Geospatial Policy & Program Manager moves new strategic initiatives forward with the assistance of the agencies who are vested in GIS.  With the primary goal to furthers the recognition of the remarkable value of Location Based Services (LBS) and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology.

The key enterprise program elements and responsibilities include:

  • Serve as a statewide change agent  to drive improvements in government service delivery;
  • Serves as the state’s point of access for enterprise level data and web services;
  • Leads enterprise data/service initiatives that cross agencies;
  • Provide executive leadership for the states GIS user community;
  • Provide spatial governance, policy, and planning  through the joint efforts of the Geographic Information Technology (GIT) Committee and the Washington State Geographic Information Council (WAGIC).
Need more information... then take a look at the Overview of Location Based Services, these associated sub-pages located here and the GIT subcommittee page. 

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