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Geospatial Governance & Standards


Geographic Information Technology (GIT) Committee functions as the state's executive governance body and is comprised of the agency CIO's who value and manage geospatial resources within their agencies and across state government.

  • Washington Geographic Information Council (WAGIC) provides outreach to the states geospatial technology practitioners and the states user community.  The WAGIC Chair reports to and has a seat at the GIT Committee.
  • The Geospatial Portal and Washington Master Addressing Services (WAMAS) Steering Committees meet on a monthly basis and report back to the GIT.


Geospatial Policy and Standards

The state geospatial policy and standards apply to state of Washington executive branch agencies, agencies headed by separately elected officials, and institutions of higher education referred to as “agencies” throughout this document.  Academic and research applications at institutions of higher education are exempt.



These resources are provided as vetted and reviewed best practices for use by our states geospatial professionals and are encouraged to use them as resources.