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Nine Key Objectives

The Sphere of State Agencies

The key objectives are derived from a process that has worked well for the state—a prioritization process of ranking technology-related budget requests according to decision criteria established by the OCIO in response to state business needs and changing technologies. The decision criteria are published annually as part of the budget instructions the OCIO prepares to ensure agencies have a clear understanding of the state IT priorities by which funding requests will be evaluated.

The OCIO encourages agencies to measurably advance the goals of this framework through focusing their work in the following areas:

  1. Business Alignment | Advance the missions of state agencies through technology investments, maintenance and operations.
  2. Security | Improve the overall security posture of the state through technology investments, maintenance and operations.
  3. Modernization | Replace legacy systems with contemporary technology and with a bias toward cloud-first solutions.
  4. Mobility | Increase access to public services on mobile devices and improve public workforce performance through mobile technology.
  5. Open Data | Increase and improve access to public data from state agencies.
  6. Transparency | Provide increasing insight into the costs and performance outcomes of technology investments, maintenance and operations.
  7. Agile Value | Produce customer-facing value quickly and incrementally.
  8. Cultural Readiness | Build organizational strength through proven leadership and successful projects, and by fostering creative problem solving.
  9. Interoperability | Build systems that operate across organizations.