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Six Transformation Strategies

The Sphere of the OCIO

The OCIO is uniquely authorized to bolster the work of the agencies and the key objectives. To that end, the OCIO will:

  1. Reimagine Governance | Establish enterprise-wide governance that is customer focused, aligns with the business needs of state agencies, and harnesses and emboldens the passion and aspirations of state IT workers.
  2. Strengthen Enterprise Architecture and Policy | Support the key objectives by formalizing the approach to and the framework for the state's enterprise architecture work.
  3. Create Incentives | Prioritize budget requests that directly support the key objectives and advance the goals of this framework.
  4. Remove Barriers | Establish resources that help agencies make progress on key objectives, such as creating purchasing vehicles to hire resources, supporting legislation that enables productive change.
  5. Build Capability | Create and support communities to foster peer-to-peer learning where agency staff can share ideas, challenges and solutions.
  6. Promote Success | Accelerate momentum in leading change by documenting, promoting and celebrating the progress and success of agencies.

These six strategies comprise a robust transformational toolkit through which the OCIO can improve its overall performance in supporting the key objectives and facilitating the work of agencies.