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State Performance Reports

Reporting Progress on the State Strategic IT Framework

The OCIO will build on current reporting practices and will collaborate with agencies to articulate a uniform process by which agencies and the OCIO report traction on the implementation of the strategic IT framework. Performance report policies and standards will be developed incrementally.

Traction by Agencies on Key Objectives Linked to Goals

Agencies will report progress made toward implementing the state strategic IT framework, including activities and measures that advance the key objectives and goals. The focus will likely be on the following:

  • What agencies currently do that advance the key objectives - an assessment
  • What agencies will do to measurably advance the key objectives – initiatives, programs and projects that are underway and/or planned
  • What agencies will measure – outcome measures
  • How agencies did – performance results

Traction by the OCIO on Transformation Strategies Linked to Objectives Linked to Goals

The OCIO will report its progress and performance on each transformation strategy, examining:

  • What we (the OCIO) currently do that supports the agencies’ sphere of work – an assessment
  • What we need to do to better support the agencies’ sphere of work – policies, processes, programs, initiatives that we need to undertake
  • What we will measure – outcome measures
  • How we did – performance results