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Anytime, anywhere, on any device—public service—open, responsive, inclusive, and secure.

State IT’s Raison d’etre

Continually improve Washington state public service through the use of IT and by the people who make IT happen.

Guiding Precepts

As state IT leaders we want our actions to reflect that we value:

  • Public service
  • Our customers
  • Incremental improvement
  • Adapting to change
  • Empowering employees
  • Collaboration and partnerships

We want to be known as:

  • Wise stewards of the tax payer dollars
  • Bold enough to make a difference
  • Adaptive because we embrace and leverage a changing world
  • Smart risk takers who experiment wisely with new technology and services
  • Transparent and inclusive in our operational and financial priorities
  • Technology leaders whom people trust because we exceed expectations
  • Advocates who promote the successes of our state IT community