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These are recent official communications from the Chief Information Officer or from the Office of the Chief Information Officer.


Pub Date


2019 Annual Certification

7/5/2019 James Weaver, State CIO
2019 Mobile Device Usage Memo 02/01/2019 James Weaver
Newly Implemented Technology Policies Memo 06/29/2018 Rob St. John (Acting CIO)

2018 Annual Certification

6/29/2018 Rob St. John (Acting CIO)
2019 Information Technology Decision Packages Memo 06/13/2018 Rob St. John (Acting CIO)
2018 IT Pool Process Memo 05/03/2018

David Schumacher (OFM)

Rob St. John (Acting CIO)

Newly Implemented Technology Policies Memo 11/21/2017 Rob St. John (Acting CIO)
2017-19 IT Investment Pool Process Memo 8/22/2017

David Schumacher (OFM)

Michael Cockrill (CIO)

2018 Supplemental Budget - IT Decision Packages Memo 08/21/2017 Michael Cockrill

2017 Annual Certification

07/12/2017 Michael Cockrill
New Enterprise Service Designation:   IP Address Management (email) 06/23/2017 Michael Cockrill
Newly Adopted Technolgy Policies/Standards (Technology Business Management, Open Data, Accessibility) 06/06/2017 Michael Cockrill
Update on Accessibility Policy 03/17/2017 Michael Cockrill
New Technology Policies (Disaster Recovery, Data Center Investments and Accessibility) 01/06/2017 Michael Cockrill
Enterprise Service Designation:  Enterprise Active Directory (and by extension the Office 365 Enterprise Tenant) 09/13/2016 MIchael Cockrill

2016 Annual Certification Memo







Michael Cockrill
Technology Policy Updates - System Governance, Project Quality Assurance and website Privacy Policy template (to agency directors) 04/18/2016 Michael Cockrill
Electronic Signature Guidelines   04/08/2016 Michael Cockrill
New Policy Announcement & Implementation Information - Project Quality Assurance (for current project sponsors, project teams and QA providers) 04/04/2016 Rob St. John
New Policy Announcement - Project Quality Assurance (for QA Providers on IT Professional Services contract) 04/01/2016 Rob St. John
New Policy Announcement - Open Data & Software Retirement 02/17/2016 Michael Cockrill

Instructions for Governor's Directive 16-01 

01/13/2016 Michael Cockrill