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These are recent official communications from the Chief Information Officer or from the Office of the Chief Information Officer.


Pub Date


2020 Annual Certification

6/30/2020 James Weaver, State CIO
2021-23 Information Technology Decision Packages Memo 6/25/2020 James Weaver, State CIO
Newly Approved Technology Policies Memo 3/31/2020 James Weaver, State CIO

Expert Project Managers Available for Gated Funding Projects Memo


Sue Langen

Gated Funding Project Deliverables Memo


Sue Langen

2019 Privacy Assessment Survey memo,  instructions and questionnaire


James Weaver (state CIO)

Will Saunders (acting CPO)

2020 Information Technology Decision Packages Memo 8/7/2019 James Weaver (State CIO)

2019 Statewide Cloud Readiness Assessment Memo

Section 152(9) of the 2019-21 operating budget (Engrossed House Bill 1109)

7/26/2019 Sue Langen

2019-21 IT Gated Funding Oversight Memo

2019-21 Gated Funding Projects


David Schumacher (OFM)

James Weaver (State CIO)

2019 Annual Certification

7/5/2019 James Weaver, State CIO
2019 Mobile Device Usage Memo 02/01/2019 James Weaver
Newly Implemented Technology Policies Memo 06/29/2018 Rob St. John (Acting CIO)

2018 Annual Certification

6/29/2018 Rob St. John (Acting CIO)
2019 Information Technology Decision Packages Memo 06/13/2018 Rob St. John (Acting CIO)
2018 IT Pool Process Memo 05/03/2018

David Schumacher (OFM)

Rob St. John (Acting CIO)

Newly Implemented Technology Policies Memo 11/21/2017 Rob St. John (Acting CIO)
2017-19 IT Investment Pool Process Memo 8/22/2017

David Schumacher (OFM)

Michael Cockrill (CIO)

2018 Supplemental Budget - IT Decision Packages Memo 08/21/2017 Michael Cockrill

2017 Annual Certification

07/12/2017 Michael Cockrill
New Enterprise Service Designation:   IP Address Management (email) 06/23/2017 Michael Cockrill
Newly Adopted Technolgy Policies/Standards (Technology Business Management, Open Data, Accessibility) 06/06/2017 Michael Cockrill
Update on Accessibility Policy 03/17/2017 Michael Cockrill
New Technology Policies (Disaster Recovery, Data Center Investments and Accessibility) 01/06/2017 Michael Cockrill
Enterprise Service Designation:  Enterprise Active Directory (and by extension the Office 365 Enterprise Tenant) 09/13/2016 MIchael Cockrill

2016 Annual Certification Memo







Michael Cockrill
Technology Policy Updates - System Governance, Project Quality Assurance and website Privacy Policy template (to agency directors) 04/18/2016 Michael Cockrill
Electronic Signature Guidelines 04/08/2016 Michael Cockrill
New Policy Announcement & Implementation Information - Project Quality Assurance (for current project sponsors, project teams and QA providers) 04/04/2016 Rob St. John
New Policy Announcement - Project Quality Assurance (for QA Providers on IT Professional Services contract) 04/01/2016 Rob St. John
New Policy Announcement - Open Data & Software Retirement 02/17/2016 Michael Cockrill

Instructions for Governor's Directive 16-01 

01/13/2016 Michael Cockrill