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DataLink Administration Role (WaTech Applications/Data Integration)



DataLink is the software that is used to automate and schedule recurring data feeds from state agencies to specific projects inside Apptio thru SFT accounts or directly from data sources such as SQL ServerThis is accomplished by setting up DataLink connectors within the product through a GUI interface. 

The most likely scenarios for automated data feeds into Apptio at this time are anticipated to be:

  1. Pickup of file from specified location (e.g SFT account)
  2. Pull of SQL Server data through use of Stored Procedure
  3. Pull of SQL Server data through use of direct SQL statement


Roles/Responsibilities for WaTech: 

  1. Provide DataLink Administration & Hosting
  2. Provide DataLink Connector Support for Agencies using Apptio
    1. Creation and maintenance of necessary forms, processes, standards (file naming conventions etc.), and documentation to facilitate the use of DataLink to automate data feeds into Apptio
    2. Setup of new or modification of existing DataLink connectors per specification by requesting agency (through use of forms designed in 1 above) or proactive change of DataLink connectors.
    3. Deletion of DataLink connectors per request of agency
    4. Minimal debugging/troubleshooting (to ensure necessary firewall rules are in place and server connectivity/permissions are appropriate, etc.).
    5. For advanced debugging of DataLink problems, WaTech will refer the issue to Apptio for resolution. See billing note below.
  3. Maintain an SFT account for use in conjunction with DataLink
    1. Proactively monitoring and resetting the Apptio SFT password(s)
    2. In conjunction with CTS, maintain the ‘move’ script that executes upon upload of data into ‘In’ folder and moves uploaded data to ‘Out’ folder
    3. Issue or eliminate agency userids to access this SFT account as requested by agencies
  4. Execution of 3 Existing Global/Enterprise Data Loads from the enterprise GL system (AFRS), the enterprise personnel system (HRMS) and the enterprise fixed asset system (CAMS) on a monthly basis.

Use Cases Beyond the Three Provided/Already Tested:

In the event a requesting agency has a need to use a type of DataLink connectors that have not been previously tested/configured, WaTech will engage Apptio in initial setup/configuration of this DataLink connector. Once the new DataLink connector is set up, WaTech will have the expertise to use for other agencies.

Billing Note:

It is within WaTech discretion to determine whether to absorb the cost for Apptio billable hours or pass these costs onto the requesting agency; in event of the latter, WaTech should inform the requesting agency of estimated charges prior to authorizing the Apptio billable work.