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Email Naming Guidelines

E-Mail Naming Standard Guidelines (as of 11/30/2015)

Use one of the methods listed below in order to resolve duplicates.  These methods are listed in order of preference.

  1. Use the employees preferred first name or nickname (jim.smith or  jt.smith)
  2. Add a middle initial (james.t.smith)
  3. Add a number if no middle initial (james.smith2)
  4. Add a middle initial and number (james.t.smith2)

When creating the e-mail address:

  • Use lower case letters (e.g.
  • Use hyphens for compound or hyphenated names (e.g. karen.evans-smith)
  • Remove punctuation from employee names and leave no spaces (e.g. obrien, not o'brien; stpeter, not st.peter.
  • Ensure that no inappropriate or derogatory phrasing is used when creating the address.

The following characters or designations should not be used in creating the local part of an e-mail address.

  • Underscores
  • Designations such as Jr., II, Phd
  • Other punctuation or special characters from employees name.