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Strategy: Statewide Integration

Strategic Intent

The intent of this strategy is to set the expectation that state agencies implement standardized integration approaches and technologies between state information systems in order to enhance the State’s ability to manage and share information in alignment with the State Enterprise Technology Strategic Plan.  This strategy does not apply to systems used solely within an agency; however, agencies are encouraged to adopt this strategy.  

State Integration Strategy Statement

  1. The following approaches should be used for application integration in order to increase the State’s capacity and capacity to manage and share information as per the State Enterprise Technology Strategic Plan:
    1. Web Services (WS) and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) as per Web Services and APIs guidelines.
      1. Including document sharing via API.
    2. Secure file transfer protocol SFTP and file transfer protocol with SSL security (FTP/S) as per SFTP and FTP/S guidelines.
      1. Note: SFTP and FTP/S are discouraged for future integrations.
  2. All integration services should be non-duplicative, modular, and reusable as defined in the State of Washington Enterprise Technology Dictionary.
  3. There should be a consistent naming standard for all web services / APIs.
  4. Integration/s should be included in governance programs.
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