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Vikki Smith Biography

Vikki Smith | Acting State Chief Information Officer

Governor Jay Inslee asked Department of Revenue Director Vikki Smith to step in and serve as acting director and state Chief Information Officer for Washington Technology Solutions until the position can be filled permanently.

Vikki has worked her entire career at Revenue, starting in June 1970 as temporary clerical staff. She worked her way up through the ranks in positions of increasing responsibility and authority, eventually taking on leadership roles in several divisions.

As head of the Taxpayer Services division, Vikki transformed Revenue’s use of technology to serve its customers, the taxpayer. She established Revenue as one of the first agencies to adopt straightforward, jargon-free writing in its customer communications. Vikki became Chief Information Officer in 2007, positioning her to increase the Information Services division’s efficiency while influencing information technology issues on a statewide level. In 2012 she was selected to be Revenue’s Deputy Director and became Director in 2015.

During her career, Vikki has received numerous awards and professional recognition. Of all the accolades, Vikki is proudest of her volunteerism in the public schools, which earned her Parent of the Year from the North Thurston school system.

Vikki’s experience as an agency CIO, her membership on the Washington State Technology Services Board, and the knowledge she has gained as a customer of WaTech uniquely positions her to lead the agency during this interim period.

While Vikki's focus will be on WaTech during the interim, she will remain in touch with her team at Revenue and remain active in major decisions at that agency.