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Rob St. John Biography

Rob St. John, Acting CIO

Rob St. John was appointed the acting state Chief Information Officer by Governor Jay Inslee, effective October 23, 2017. Rob is a 32-year employee of Washington State Government, the last 25 or so have been managing some aspect of information technology. Rob spent more than two decades at the Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS). He joined DSHS in

Rob St. John

1985, first working directly with clients and later becoming a systems administrator, supporting the state’s welfare reform effort by leading the development of the state’s WorkFirst case management and child care eligibility systems.

In 2007, Rob was named the Chief Information Officer (CIO) at DSHS where he served until joining the newly formed OFM Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) as deputy. In April 2012, Rob was named the director of Consolidated Technology Services (CTS). Most recently Rob has been serving as director of the Office of the Chief Information Officer, overseeing the state’s major investments in information technology.

Rob grew up in eastern Washington and earned his Bachelor of Science degree from Eastern Washington University.