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2016 IT Security Reporting

2016 IT Security Reporting


Deadline is Friday, September 30, 2016!


Required Information

For 2016, agencies are required to provide the following:

  1. Attestation that your agency has an IT Security Program in place and that you are in compliance with all components of state IT Security Standards 141.10, or that you are in compliance except for deviations you identify. Listed deviations should include all non-compliant conditions from your last three-year IT Security audit that have not yet been corrected or remediated.
  2. Information pertaining to annual employee IT security awareness training as required by Section 1.4 (3) of the Standards.

Electronic Submittal

We are providing a “2016 IT Security Reporting” workbook that can be used to report all required information. Information on how to submit all required information electronically can be found on the “INSTRUCTIONS” tab of the workbook.   

Reporting Artifacts

The following is being provided to help agencies satisfy the 2016 reporting requirements:

This workbook contains spreadsheets where IT Security Standards deviations can be reported and annual employee security awareness training participation can be provided.  In addition, agencies will find a worksheet where they can identify sections of the IT security standards for which they would like to see additional training provided.

  • 2016 IT Security Reporting Cover Sheet
    This document should be printed out on agency letter head. Boxes should then be checked as appropriate and signed or initialed by the Agency Head. Once completed, it should be scanned and attached in the “Reporting Cover Sheet” tab of the workbook.

The completed 2016 IT Security Reporting Workbook should be submitted not later than Friday, September 30, 2016. Please refer to the “INSTRUCTIONS” tab in the worksheet to make sure you know how to submit this securely.

For agencies that wish to submit in paper form, all documentation should be hand-carried to:

Scott Bream
1500 Jefferson Building
1500 Jefferson Street SE
Olympia, WA 98504-1503


For more information, contact Scott Bream,, 360-407-8679.