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Holacracy in Government!

Image of organization inside of GlassFrogIn February, the Office of the CIO began implementing Holacracy. To the best of my knowledge, this is the first implementation of Holacracy in a United States government organization. Over the next several months my office will be implementing Holacracy as an experiment to: 1) understand this type of organizational model and 2) identify if there are unique challenges with implementing Holacracy in government. I plan on blogging about the implementation; describing Holacracy, why we’re implementing Holacracy, barriers to adoption that are unique to Government, and just generally the experience and learning from my perspective as a Government leader.

For now I’ll say that we’re creating an experience with a subset of the office. We’re starting with the work areas that were the most interested in the idea and principles of Holacracy. The experience is opt-in meaning, no one was required to participate in the experience but if they opt in then all their work must be capture in the Holaracy. I’ll talk about this more in a future post but one of the premises of Holacracy is that you organize work not people.

The current scope of the work that is included is the Washington Business One Stop (WABOS) project team, our award winning Technology Business Management team (TBM), our tech team which provides various technical and development support for the office, and myself.

I’ve made our Holacracy organization public through GlassFrog for anyone who want to see our progress.

Michael DeAngelo
WA State Deputy CIO
Holacracy blog