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Making It Easier to Find Guidelines & Communications

Guideline and communications material is now located in a separate location on the OCIO site with a goal of making it easier to find and use. 

Guidelines are recommended best practices or other advisory material.  Previously, guidelines were often posted in the policy manual , randomly on the OCIO site or perhaps distributed by email and not published on the site at all.  With this change, site users will be able to link to current Guidelines from a single location.  The Guidelines previously located in the Policy Manual have been moved to the new Guidelines page. 

In much the same vein, communications from the CIO to the agencies were usually distributed in email and not easily accessible after that distribution.  This change will resolve that issue.  The Communications page will contain all CIO/OCIO communications from 1/1/2016 forward.

We'll continue to improve these pages as time goes on and are interested in hearing your feedback.  Please e-mail your improvement suggestions to the OCIO Mailbox