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Mapping with (and others)

For a recent meeting I put together a step-by-step stroll through the mapping and sharing features of

We start with this map as a starting point:


From there we drill down into the source dataset:


Next I figured we switch to this dataset, which does not yet have a map:


… I’ll build a map on a demo account and share it back to the DEL account.

Since the demo account does not have full publishing permissions, I’ll log in as admin and show how a map can be shared, transferred etc.


Lastly, if time allows I’ll show this uploaded shapefile for comparison:

… which I imported from this custom mapping website




Alternatively, we can look at comparing the mapping tools from a variety of companies


For this approach I’d work with this map in the Socrata platform


… derived from this dataset:


… which is one of a selection of datasets that are ported into the ESRI environment through middleware


… where it looks like this:


It can also be exported as OData into Tableau Public, where it looks like this: