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New Enterprise Service Designation: IP Address Management

On June 20th, IP Address Management was designated as an Enterprise Service.  The net effect of this designation is to:

  •          Assign WaTech responsibility to obtain IP Address blocks on behalf of all state agencies
  •          Require agencies  to obtain their IP Address blocks from WaTech 

This enterprise service designation is effective with IPv6.  WaTech has already obtained a massive block of addresses on behalf of the state.  Many agencies have already requested and received their block assignments.  If you have not received your block assignment yet, you may contact the WaTech Service Desk when you are ready.  While the enterprise service designation allows for waivers to be requested, this is a situation where waivers are not likely to be granted.  The migration to IPv6 provides a once in a lifetime opportunity to implement a contiguous block of IP addresses within state government.   Taking advantage of this opportunity will minimize cost and complexity overall now and into the future.   

Agencies retain responsibility for implementation of the allocated block and designing the agency approach to IPv6 implementation.  The cross-agency IPv6 workgroup will be releasing some guidance documentation to assist agencies in their migration planning and implementation activities.

The enterprise service designation does not apply to the K – 20 network which has its own method for IP address management.

Agencies who previously requested IPv6 addresses directly from ARIN must immediately stop using those addresses, request address blocks from WaTech and convert any IP assignments from the abandoned block to the WaTech issued block as soon as possible.

If you have questions about this enterprise service designation, contact Robert Gaskill-Clemons at 360.407.7992.  If you have questions about the general topic of IP Address Management, contact Dan Mercer at 360.407.9056.