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Newly Adopted Policies

UPDATE:  On June 8, 2015, the Technology Services Board formally approved the three policies and rescinded the one standard. 


Three policies are adopted and one standard rescinded pending approval of the full Technology Services Board.  These actions are based on the recommendation of the Portfolio Subcommittee of the Technology Service Board at their May 13th meeting.

Data Center Investment Policy

This policy implements a statute that requires all new and existing servers to be located in the State Data Center.  Server consolidation will support optimization of IT operations through increased standardization, virtualization and reduction of agency-specific data centers. It has an added benefit of improving security and resiliency resulting from use of a state-of-the-art facility.   A waiver is required for any agency wishing to make additional investment in an agency operated facility or to put additional equipment into an agency operated facility. 

Technology Policy & Standards Policy

This is an updated version of a policy that describes how technology policies and standards are developed and adopted. 

Waiver Request Policy

The policy outlines the process to be used when an agency believes it cannot comply with a policy or standard.  In addition to describing the information to be submitted, it outlines the actions the Office of the Chief Information Officer will take to review and decide on the waiver requests.  Information about waiver requests was previously included in another policy and has been separated to make it easier to locate.

Standard Rescinded

The Portfolio Subcommittee also concurred with the recommendation to rescind obsolete Standard 171.11 – Internet Markup Language.  This recommendation was also adopted pending approval of the full Technology Services Board.  The standard has been removed from the website.