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Newly Adopted Policies

On May 11th, the Policy and Portfolio Subcommittee of Technology Services Board (TSB) recommended approval of several policies/standards.  Based on this recommendation, these policies/standards have been adopted pending approval by the full TSB.  The modified materials are posted on the OCIO Website at

Technology Business Management

Updates to Policy 113 - Technology Business Management, Standard 113.20 – TBM IT Expenditure Data Provision, and Standard 113.30 – TBM Taxonomy streamline reporting requirements.  New Standard 113.40 – TBM Reporting Solution identifies the standard tool used within the TBM program.  Standard 113.20 – TBM Labor Data Provision is rescinded. 

Open Data

Updates to Policy 187 – Open Data Planning replace information about the initial reporting timeline with ongoing reporting requirements.


Policy 188 – Accessibility has several critical updates: 

  • Removes the section regarding waiver request for non-compliant technology. The OCIO cannot grant waivers to federal law.
  • Extends the deadlines for the appointment of an agency accessibility coordinator, the creation of an agency policy, and the creation of the initial agency plan to June 30, 2017.
  • Removes the requirement to publish the agency accessibility plan.