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State Government in the Cloud

State of Washington delivers leading cloud services to state and local governments

The Short Story

Washington State partnered with global IT company Unisys to help the State adopt cloud technology with well-known cloud innovators like Amazon Web Services, Google, Salesforce, and others.  As part of the ever evolving WA state cloud strategy, state agencies are able to purchase cloud services from leading cloud-based companies, while leveraging the long-standing experience of Unisys to help ensure solutions meet the specific requirements of governments.  This adds to our growing list of cloud partners including Microsoft for Office365 and Azure.

The Longer Story

The state is continuing to add cloud partners to enable agencies to use cloud services as a tool for solving business problems.  The state has existing cloud partners like Microsoft for Office365 and Azure as well as master contracts for IT Service Management system.  The latest addition Unisys as a reseller of multiple cloud providers. By leveraging a Western States Contracting Alliance (WSCA) contract, Washington State has established two contracts with Unisys, making available to state and local governments cloud based products and services delivered by Unisys and leading companies including:

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Birst
  • Decision Lens
  • Google
  • Salesforce
  • SHI
  • Terremark
  • ​Microsoft Azure
  • Workday
  • Box
  • Watchdox

Two contracts were created with Unisys to allow the use of cloud based solutions.  The first contract is specifically designed for handling sensitive data when leveraging Unisys suppliers. The sensitive data contract (category 3 and 4 data) offers additional protections of state data as well as requiring cloud providers to meet a higher bar of certification, vetting, and reporting in order to be used by State agencies.  The second contract is designed for handling public data.  This contract allows agencies to be more innovative where additional controls and costly protections aren’t necessary.

For more information on these contracts and how to get started visit the Cloud Services section of the Department of Enterprise Services (DES) website.

These vendors add to the growing list of cloud vendors available to state agencies including Microsoft Azure, ServiceNow, and EasyVista.

Contact: Michael DeAngelo  |   (360) 902-0965