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State of WA Wins TBM Council's TBM Champion Award

At the Technology Business Management (TBM) conference late October 2014, Washington State won the TBM Champion Award. Granted by the TBM Council, a non-profit professional organization dedicated to developing and promoting leading practices for managing the business of information technology (IT), the TBM Champion Award was one of five accolades presented to honor excellence and innovation in IT business management.

The TBM Champion Award recognizes our state’s persistent efforts to practice financial transparency toward improved IT efficiencies and business-aligned investment decisions across a large number of disparate agencies. Our state is noted for its singular leadership in the government sector. You can read more about all five 2014 TBM winners here and more about Washington’s specific award by viewing the video or case study.

This honor arises from the determined efforts of the many agencies that have worked with the OCIO to fulfill Washington’s TBM mandate. In particular, the OCIO wants to recognize our state’s TBM Advisory Group and those departments that have demonstrated significant leadership in our TBM initiative especially Consolidated Technology Services (CTS), Department of Corrections (DOC) and Labor and Industries (LNI) – all of whom we mentioned in our award application.

We still have many challenges to work through as we develop our TBM program. Every increment of success will require a strong partnership between agencies and the central service organizations. We hope this distinguished recognition fuels our collective energy and future achievements as we proceed on this journey.