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WA Arts Commission

The Washington State Arts Commission has been working to improve access to art since 1961. This is what they do

  • They speak up for the public value of the arts.
  • They build leadership in and for the arts.
  • They strengthen arts education in our public schools.
  • They document the impact of the arts on our communities and in peoples’ lives, and
  • They share the findings.


The Commission already displays an online catalog of the state's public art collection. Here's a view of their recent acquisitions:


Lately, they've been one of the early adopters of the new state policy on Open Data Planning, and have been looking at visualization options for data not historically published to the web.

Here's an example -- a map showing communities where they funded grants in 2015 and the number of children who benefited from those projects:


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Here's an alternate view of the same dataset: 


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