Assumptions and Constraints

Example #1:

Centralized Accounts Receivable Project

  • There will be adequate staff available from OFM, WSDA, and WSDA contractors to define the vision/scope, requirements, design, develop, test, and deploy the application.
  • OFM staff will develop the application by customizing the Solomon AR system that OFM provides other customers.
  • OFM will utilize the existing FA2 schema for input data into OFM AR.
  • The customizations for WSDA will not adversely impact other OFM AR customers.

Example #2:

SKIES Project

  • Four staff working at 25% dedicated time.
  • Staff working hours occur on an 8:00am-5:00pm schedule.
  • Failover scenarios are based upon a 5:30am to 6:30pm timeframe and a scenario/response matrix will be provided.
  • Dedicated staff will remain in their current roles.
  • Dedicated staff will cross train one another.
  • Availability of ESD Networking and Facilities staff as needed.
  • Availability of Partner and Vendor staff as needed.
  • Replacement parts will be on site within four hours of notification.
  • New hardware is functional.
  • Project scope will not be modified.
  • Database testing will utilize Mercury Loadrunner and require Business team assistance.
  • Application/Database modifications will be scheduled so Mercury scripts can be used for testing.
  • Normal availability of DIS and GA services and support.

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