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Policies, Procedures and Guidelines

Policy Name Number Policy Category Typesort descending Document
Personal Computer (PC) Procurement Policy - Appendix A: Considerations Affecting PC Procurement Decisions 201a Procurement Guidelines Download
Email Naming Guidelines Technology & Architecture Guidelines Download
Media Handling and Data Disposal Best Practices 141.10.10 Security Guidelines Download
PC Procurement Guideline 201.10 Procurement Guidelines Download
Electronic Signature Guidelines Security Guidelines Download
Requests to Establish an Enterprise Service 185.05 Technology & Architecture Guidelines Download
Geospatial Technology Policy and Standards Procedure 162.00 Geospatial Guidelines Download
Model Agency Privacy Statement Data Guidelines Download
Open Data Definitions Data Guidelines Download
Managing Information Technology Projects - Appendix D: Critical Indicators of Project Performance 131d Portfolio Management Guidelines Download
Open Data: What Data to Publish Data Guidelines Download
Open Data Planning for Agencies Data Guidelines Download
Online File Storage Guidance Technology & Architecture Guidelines Download
Providing Quality Assurance for Information Technology Projects - Appendix A: Principles of Quality Assurance 132a Project Management Guidelines Download
Personal Computer (PC) Procurement Policy 201 Procurement Policies Download
Open Data Planning 187 Data Policies Download
Accessibility 188 General Policies Download
Statewide Migration to IPv6 300 Technology & Architecture Policies Download
IT Security Incident Communications - Appendix A - US-CERT Traffic Light Protocol 143a Security Policies Download
Technology Policy & Standard Waiver Request 103 General Policies Download
Data Center Investments 184 Technology & Architecture Policies Download
Mobile Device Usage 191 Mobility Policies Download
Technology Policies and Standards 101 Technology & Architecture Policies Download
Information Technology Disaster Recovery Planning 151 Disaster Recovery Policies Download
Enterprise Service: Enterprise Business Processes for Internal Identity Management 185.10 Technology & Architecture Policies Download
IT Investments - Approval and Oversight Policy 121 Project Management Policies Download
Enterprise Service: IP Address Management 185.20 Technology & Architecture Policies Download
Project Quality Assurance 132 Project Management Policies Download
IT Security Incident Communication 143 Security Policies Download
Managing Information Technology Projects 131 Project Management Policies Download
Technology Portfolio Foundation 112 Portfolio Management Policies Download
Securing Information Technology Assets 141 Security Policies Download
Establishing an Enterprise Service 185 Technology & Architecture Policies Download
Commonly Used Software Product Retirement Policy 186 Technology & Architecture Policies Download
Innovation Exemption 202 Procurement Policies Download
Technology Business Management (TBM) 113 Portfolio Management Policies Download
Business Application/System Governance 114 Portfolio Management Policies Download
Geospatial Data Management Policy 160.00 Geospatial Policies Download
TBM Reporting Solution Standard 113.40 Portfolio Management Policies Download
Minimum Project QA Activities - Readiness Assessment 132.20 Project Management Standards Download
Securing Information Technology Assets Standards - Appendix C: IT Security Non-Compliance/Deviation Form 141.10c Security Standards Download
Project Go-Live Readiness Decision Governance 121.10 Project Management Standards Download
Data Registry 182.10.20 Technology & Architecture Standards Download
Metadata Standard 187.10 Data Standards Download
Securing Information Technology Assets Standards - Appendix B: IT Security Risk Threatscape 141.10b Security Standards Download
NG9-1-1 Geospatial Data Standard 161.07 Geospatial Standards Download
Innovation Exemption - Appendix A: Innovation Exemption Criteria 202a Technology & Architecture Standards Download
Minimum Accessibility Standard 188.10 General Standards Download
Technology Portfolio Foundation - Infrastructure 112.20 Portfolio Management Standards Download
Email Address Naming Standards 182.20.10 Technology & Architecture Standards Download
Managing Information Technology Portfolios Standards - Projects 112.30 Portfolio Management Standards Download
Technology Portfolio Foundation - Applications 112.10 Portfolio Management Standards Download
Geospatial Data Standards (FGDC) 161.04 Geospatial Standards Download
Minimum Project Quality Assurance Activities 132.30 Project Management Standards Download
Computing and Telecommunication Architectural Standards – Internet Domain Name Standards 171.10 Security Standards Download
Geodetic Control Data Standard 161.01 Geospatial Standards Download
Hydrography Data Standard 161.03 Geospatial Standards Download
Identity Management User Authentication Standards 183.20.10 Technology & Architecture Standards Download
Web Mapping Services Publication Standard 161.06 Geospatial Standards Download
Enterprise Data Standards Framework 182.10.10 Technology & Architecture Standards Download
Commonly Used Software Product Standard 186.10 Technology & Architecture Standards Download
TBM Taxonomy 113.30 Portfolio Management Standards Download
Minimum Qualifications for Project Quality Assurance 132.10 Project Management Standards Download
Securing Information Technology Assets Standards 141.10 Security Standards Download
TBM IT Expenditure Data Provision Standard 113.10 Portfolio Management Standards Download