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161.05 Geospatial Application & Data Services Metadata Standard


Geospatial Application & Data Services Metadata
Policy Action Date
Adopted July 26, 2019
Rescinded July 26, 2019

Establishes the requirement for documenting agency geospatial applications and data services through the creation and use of metadata.  Metadata plays a fundamental role in the successful management of information and services.  The objective of this standard is to protect the states investment in significant location based databases, applications, and services through standardized documentation.

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Policy & Procedures:

  • 160.00 Geospatial Data Management Policy;
  • 162.00 Geospatial Technology Policy & Standards Procedure;
  • 103.00 Technology Policy and Standard Waiver Request.

Associated Standards:

  • 161.01 Geodetic Control Data;
  • 161.02 Geospatial Metadata Standard (existing w/ new updates);
  • 161.03 Hydrography Data Standard;
  • 161.04 Geospatial Data Standards (new);
  • 161.05 Geospatial Applications & Data Services Metadata (new);
  • 161.06 Web Mapping Publication Standard (new).