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161.06 Web Mapping Services Publication Standard


Web Mapping Services Publication Standard
Policy Action Date
Approved September 5, 2014
Sunset Review September 30, 2016

This standard is designed to ensure that Washington State geospatial data correctly locate and align with industry standard, online mapping tools and web-based geospatial data systems.

They are designed to improve data quality, accuracy, rendering speed and improve the sharing of spatial data on the Web.  It enables consistent online web mapping of geospatial data, based on an industry standard map tiling scheme and projection, with other commercial map services.

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Policy & Procedures:

  • 160.00 Geospatial Data Management Policy;
  • 162.00 Geospatial Technology Policy & Standards Procedure;
  • 103.00 Technology Policy and Standard Waiver Request.

Associated Standards:

  • 161.01 Geodetic Control Data;
  • 161.03 Hydrography Data Standard;
  • 161.04 Geospatial Data Standards;
  • 161.06 Web Mapping Publication Standard.