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162.00 Geospatial Technology Policy and Standards Procedure


Geospatial Technology Policy and Standards Procedure
Policy Action Date
Approved February 19, 2014

The Technology Services Board (TSB) and the Washington State Geographic Information Council (WAGIC) have strategic and technical interests in promoting better government through a coordinated, enterprise approach to collaboratively developed spatial data management solutions.  Policy and standards play a fundamental role in effective data management and integration.   What follows is a description of the iterative process for the development and maintenance of policy and standards as they relate to geographic information technology (GIT).

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Policy & Procedures:

  • 160.00 Geospatial Data Management Policy;
  • 162.00 Geospatial Technology Policy & Standards Procedure;
  • 103.00 Technology Policy and Standard Waiver Request.

Associated Standards:

  • 161.01 Geodetic Control Data;
  • 161.02 Geospatial Metadata Standard (existing w/ new updates);
  • 161.03 Hydrography Data Standard;
  • 161.04 Geospatial Data Standards (new);
  • 161.05 Geospatial Applications & Data Services Metadata (new);
  • 161.06 Web Mapping Publication Standard (new).