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Administrative and Financial System Investment Approval


Administrative and Financial System Investment Approval
Policy Action Date
Approved September 14, 2021
Adopted August 17, 2021
Sunset Review June 30, 2024

IT systems designated as supporting enterprise administrative and financial functions, processes, or data should be used by state agencies whenever possible.  The Office of Financial Management (OFM) is the business owner of statewide financial processes and related data. The business owner of statewide administrative processes may be OFM or the Department of Enterprise Services (DES) and in some cases it is shared between these agencies.  Agencies are required to obtain formal, written approval before beginning any administrative or financial solution modification, development or acquisition.

This policy supports the evaluation of proposed investments in administrative or financial solutions from a strategic, cross-agency perspective that provides the greatest opportunity for reuse and efficiency, particularly where there are shared business needs.  As part of the ongoing modernization of statewide enterprise solutions, existing agency applications will be reviewed to determine if there is a strong business case for the continuation of a separate, agency-specific solution and to identify opportunities for increased reuse among agencies.  As a result of this review, agencies may be required to discontinue use, in whole or in part, of agency-specific solutions.

In situations where a state enterprise solution cannot meet an agency’s specific business needs, approval may be given for the agency to procure a new solution or to leverage an existing solution in use by other agencies following an evaluation of the investment request.

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