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Integration Services Governance Standards


Integration Services Governance Standards
January 8, 2007

The purpose of this document is to establish a governance structure for the state's integration architecture, services deployed within that architecture, and infrastructure that supports integration.

This document answers the following questions:

  • How can the state manage and control changes to service interfaces?
  • How can the state identify versions of services, and associate sets of service artifacts with a version identifier?
  • How can the state ensure that agencies reuse services properly, only creating variants of services when justified by a business case?
  • How can the state ensure that services properly achieve their advertised REAL-WORLD effect?
  • How can the state ensure that service interfaces conform to the standards of a service interaction profile within the architecture?
  • What are the standard issues that agencies should consider addressing in the service- level agreement (SLA) for a service?

This document does not provide guidance on overall business or information technology governance issues. In particular, it does not suggest which services agencies should provide to one another, nor does it suggest which agencies should provide which services. These governance issues should be addressed by individual projects or system implementation initiatives.

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