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Project Quality Assurance


Project Quality Assurance
132 Now PM-03
Policy Action Date
Adopted July 19, 2023

In Washington State government, the term project quality assurance (QA) is used to describe the ongoing, independent assessment of project management processes and activities.

When used effectively, project QA services provide agency project Executive Sponsor, project teams, the State Chief Information Officer (CIO)/Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) and other oversight entities with valuable independent insight into how well project activities are going and where corrections might be needed. The greatest value of QA is realized when present at all stages of a project, from feasibility through implementation, to help anticipate problems before they occur and to ensure business value is realized.

This policy lays out the minimum requirements for independent project quality assurance. While the policy requires the use of qualified QA provider as described below, any project would benefit from the use of a project QA advisor.

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