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Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise architecture

Enterprise architecture (EA) (RCW 43.105.265) translates business vision and strategy into effective enterprise change.

EA helps depict how information, business and technology work together to accomplish the state’s business objectives.  It is especially important to help guide the state in the adoption of new technologies such as the cloud, Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning and other emerging technologies that will drive the digital transformation of state government.

On a state-wide basis, EA uses structured practices to analyze, plan and oversee the transformation of technology strategies and policies over time and to assist agencies to implement IT investments that achieve desired business results.  One of EA’s major value propositions is that the enterprise achieves significant value by sharing common solutions and reusing strategic technology resources.

The OCIO Enterprise Architecture program's primary scope is the Washington State Enterprise as a whole with a focus on achieving the state's Strategic Business Objectives (see figure below).  This requires a collaborative, business-outcome-driven approach that focuses on achieving business value in support of the digital transformation of government services and the modernization of the state's information technology systems.



Enterprise Architecture Scope and Focus