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Data Aggregation Technical Details

Northeast Data Aggregation Pilot
The legal responsibility for the collection and maintenance of valuable data resides with city, county, and state levels of government.  Various state agencies often collect local government data, expending  significant amounts of effort on data consolidation in support of state business.  This results in unnecessary duplication at all levels of government.
Data Focus
County Boundaries | City Boundaries | Urban Growth Area Boundaries | Roads | Parcels | Address Points|
Why is this information important...
  • Accurate state, county and municipal boundary data is needed when conducting business activities like commute trip reduction and setting population estimates.
  • Real property parcels data creation and maintenance happens at the local level and the data are needed for multiple business purposes like aviation navigation & emergency notifications to citizens.
  • Roads data is needed for local and state business reporting and analysis requirements.
  • Addressing authority resides at the local level, but a statewide master addressing system is needed to improve permitting, voting, taxing and emergency services.
  • E-911 system requires states to have compiled statewide county, municipal, addressed streets, and emergency services zones and recommends that address points, cell tower and antenna, parcel and imagery layers exist.
How to access the results...
  • All the resulting data is now on Secure Box and access to state agencies and local government can be requested by contacting the Geospatial Program Office at 360.407-8691