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Technical Overview & Documentation

A number of state agencies have been using the WAMAS API's for some time and many of the business application include:
  • Verification of address and associated geography;
  • Sales tax determination, collection and distribution;
  • Permitting and location verification;
  • Public Safety and Emergency Response;
  • Siting of public health services; and more.
The WAMAS Application Programming Interfaces (API'S)
  • Corrects an address to USPS standard format;
  • Adds coordinates to an address so it can be displayed and viewed on a map; and
  • Locates an address in the correct geographic area like county, voting and taxing districts and many other important boundary jurisdictions.
The strength of the Washington Master Addressing Services (WAMAS) is the comprehensive address location database that is corrected and maintained by a broad, qualified community of users.              
Indirect benefits already include a more accurate jury pool, less state employee time spent correcting addresses, and an updated zip code boundary for emergency dispatch.