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Project Lifecycle

The OCIO is mandated to:

  1. Establish policies and procedures that govern the planning, implementation and evaluation of major IT projects.
  2. Establish the criteria to identify what constitutes a “major” project.
  3. Establish a model process and procedures which agencies follow to develop and implement projects within the IT portfolios.

This is largely the domain of the OCIO Consultant team. Their job is to evaluate the potential for success and the future value of each project, and then to further evaluate each in the context of a statewide portfolio of projects strategically aligned with the state’s priorities. Once evaluated and approved, they monitor projects through completion. 

This diagram lays out the four phases that constitute the wireframe for the OCIO’s approval and oversight of major IT investments. While these are discussed as discrete stages in the project portfolio management strategy, in reality the process is designed to be flexible to accommodate the particular demands of individual projects.