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Phase 3: Project Approval

Evaluate and Approve Planned Investments

Once project funding has been secured, a major project will enter the formal approval process.  The purpose of this phase to make sure the investment has been thoroughly considered and is ready to move to implementation before significant public funds have been spent. 

The first step in this phase is to assess the risk and determine whether the project will be under oversight or not.

Note: Some projects are subject to Gated Funding

Next is the concept review, a briefing with the project's leadership and project team and the OCIO consultants.

The primary focus of this phase is on the agency’s investment plan, which requires the agency to describe in detail all critical aspects of the investment, including:

  • Purpose of the planned investment.
  • Justification, including market analysis, alignment with the state’s IT strategy and enterprise infrastructure.
  • Funding, both for the project itself and for the on-going maintenance and operation of the investment once implemented.
  • Project schedule and management
  • Evaluation of project risk and mitigation strategies

Phase3: Project Approval

This investment plan must be approved by the OCIO before a project may move into implementation. The approved investment plan serves as the foundation for future oversight.  Significant adjustments to the investment’s scope, schedule or budget require prior approval by the OCIO.

Project artifacts, from phase 1 (conceptual review) through the end of the project include the submitted investment plan, templates, and other project documentation. These are visible on the Project Dashboard.