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Phase 4: Implement Project

Monitor In-flight Projects

The OCIO actively monitors all major IT investments, although the intensity of oversight activities varies depending on the type of project, the project management in place, and overall assessment of risk associated with the investment.  The purpose of providing project oversight is to monitor the health of a project, to identify early warning signs if a project is in trouble or course corrections are warranted, and to assist an agency respond if problems emerge.

The OCIO has a consulting team dedicated to active project monitoring.  This team maintains a contact with key project staff, reviews project documentation, and participates in key project activities such as steering committee meetings.

Phase 4: In-flight Monitoring

The Technology Services Board shares responsibility for project oversight.  The TSB focuses primarily on those projects with the greatest impact on state services – enterprise-wide major projects. 

The Project Dashboard has recently been implemented to improve the transparency of project management and implementation efforts.  Critical project documents such as investment plans, project status reports, and quality assurance reviews are posted to the Dashboard, making them publically available on a website maintained by the OCIO.  Not only does the dashboard improve the overall transparency of IT projects, it also provides a useful monitoring tool for the OCIO. 

Once a project has been fully implemented and moves into regular operations, agencies complete a project wrap up report including lessons learned.