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TBM Roles & Responsibilities

Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO)

  • Establishes strategy, vision, roadmap and goals for statewide adoption, working collaboratively with agencies and Apptio
  • Manages Apptio contract and facilitates related agreements as well as associated billing and invoices
  • Business owner of TBM program enterprise policies and processes
  • Facilitates change management, governance process and formally requests changes approved through that process
  • Creates enterprise reports tied to statewide initiatives/goals
  • Ensures appropriate architectural implementation and standardization across agencies to support reliable aggregation of data for enterprise reporting
  • Coordinates extracts from enterprise data sources (global data, currently inclusive of AFRS, HRMS and CAMS)
  • Coordinates support of automated data transfers of data from State agency sources
  • Responsible to ensure appropriate security controls are in place for compliance with OCIO security policy and protection of any agency sensitive data stored in solution

Office of Financial Management

Statewide Accounting

  • Facilitates data sharing agreement for global data sources

Budget Division, Statewide Accounting, and Human Resources

  • Establishes statewide accounting and budgeting enterprise policies and processes, as well as necessary forms and templates to support them


  • Identifies person responsible for coordinating with TBM Program
  • Works within the agency to identify and gather necessary data to maximize value from the program
  • Responsible for ensuring accuracy of agency specific data and reporting