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Requests for Administrative & Financial Systems Approval

Early conversations with the OCIO and OFM are beneficial.  It is best to initiate a systems approval request while you are investigating technical options.  This allows for early identification of other information needed or solutions to investigate and minimizes the potential for rework down the road.

In making requests for administrative and/or financial systems approval, agencies should supply as much information as is known in the areas listed below.  This information will serve as the basis for a preliminary conversation with the OCIO and OFM.  As a result of that conversation, there may be additional areas to be investigated or considered.  

Describe the background, context and business case for the proposal

  • What is the business problem you want to solve?
  • At a high-level, what are the business processes involved?
  • What are the business drivers for addressing the problem - Why this? Why now?
  • How does this work tie to your  agency strategic plan?
  • What other agencies might have similar business problem or similar need?  Have you talked with them?
  • How does your business problem relate to the state strategic plan or other projects that are underway? 
  • Are there funding considerations?

Provide information on the technical approaches & impacts that have been or will be evaluated as part of the proposal

  • What technical solutions/options have you considered?
  • Have you evaluated existing systems (in your agency or in other agencies) to see if needs could be met?  What was the result?
  • What are the results of market research?
  • Based on your research, do you have a preferred technical approach? 
  • Have you identified or assessed impacts to other agencies or statewide efforts?
  • Have you identified or assessed possible integration considerations?