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SWIC Subcommittee

About the SWIC (Statewide Interoperability Coordinator) Subcommittee

The State Interoperability Executive Committee (SIEC) approved a subcommittee to evaluate the role and responsibilities of the SWIC and offer recommendations to the SIEC on future direction of the position. The mission of the group is to;

  • Evaluate current responsibilities as compared to federal and state expectations for the position
  • Determine a relevant and realistic full-time position description
  • Identify a sustainable funding strategy for the position
  • Make actionable recommendations to the SIEC on the future direction of the SWIC in Washington State
These meetings are not open to the public.



Tom Wallace, Chief Technology Officer, Washington State Patrol

Jose Zuniga, Electronic Security Systems Manager, Department of Corrections

Bruce Richter, Region X Coordinator, U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Bob Schwent, Electronic Services Division Commander, Washington State Patrol

Tim McDowell, Electronic Design Engineer, Washington State Department of Transportation

Chris Lombard, Battalion Chief, Communications/Special Operations, Seattle Fire Department

Philip Johnson, Captain, Enforcement Program, Department of Fish & Wildlife

Spencer Bahner, Radio Communications Manager, City of Seattle

Anton Damm, Communications System Director, Department of Natural Resources

Dave Fuller, Director, Clark Regional Emergency Services Agency

David Mendel, Director, Emergency Radio Communication Division, King County Department of IT

Debra Davis, Manager, Port of Seattle Radio Communications

Tom Lenk, Program Manager, Pierce County Radio Communications

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