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Email Naming Guidelines


E-Mail Naming Standard Guidelines (as of 11/30/2015)

This document provides Email Naming Guidelines for Washington state agencies to resolve duplicates, provide addressing format and characters or designations.

Washington Master Addressing Services (WAMAS)

Locating people and places in Washington


The population of the State of Washington is growing, corresponding with increased addresses. Compounding address-related errors can have significant and costly effects on government operations.

Master Addressing Steering Committee (WAMAS)

This is the landing page for meeting materials related to the WA Master Addressing Steering Committee.


Upcoming Meeting

February 13, 2020 2:15-3:30; 1500 Jefferson St SE, Room 2332

Previous Meeting Agendas & Notes:

Accessing WAMAS Services

Provided here are the documents you'll need to submit to gain access to the WAMAS application programming interfaces (API's).  These services are open to any and all governmental entities.

You will need to complete all three (3) documents in order to access these authoritative services.

Technical Owner/Steward Qualifications and Characteristics

This is a list of the attributes and characteristics to look for in a technical owner/steward:

  • Understanding of technology operations and how the business application/system impacts these operations as well as how technology operations impact the business

  • Organizational authority to make technology resources available when needed

  • Ability and authority to bring people together to make timely and binding decisions

Business Owner/Steward Qualifications and Characteristics

The bullets below are common attributes to look for or cultivate in a business owner/steward:

  • Deep knowledge of business operations and how the application/system impacts these operations

  • Organizational authority to commit resources when needed

  • Ability and authority to bring people together to make timely and binding decisions

  • Ability and authority to make decisions when formal governance structures won’t or can’t make them

Email Naming Guidelines

E-Mail Naming Standard Guidelines (as of 11/30/2015)

Use one of the methods listed below in order to resolve duplicates.  These methods are listed in order of preference.

  1. Use the employees preferred first name or nickname (jim.smith or  jt.smith)
  2. Add a middle initial (james.t.smith)
  3. Add a number if no middle initial (james.smith2)
  4. Add a middle initial and number (james.t.smith2)

When creating the e-mail address:

Guidance: Open Data Definitions

Note: In order to keep OCIO policies clear and short, definitions are not part of the published policy.  The section below relates to OCIO Policy 187 Open Data Planning, and was included with the draft. Terms defined here will be added to the common OCIO policy on definitions.

Guidance: Agency Open Data Plans

Guidance: Agency Open Data Plans


This plan is adopted by _______ (“the agency”) pursuant to the Open Data Policy established by the Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO), and is intended to satisfy the requirements of applicable statute, including 43.105.351.

This plan will be adopted by reference in the agency’s strategic plan, IT strategic plan, and/or LEAN agenda.


The agency commits to the following general priorities, specific actions, and measures in the twelve months following the adoption date of this Plan:

Newly Adopted Policies

UPDATE:  On June 8, 2015, the Technology Services Board formally approved the three policies and rescinded the one standard. 


Three policies are adopted and one standard rescinded pending approval of the full Technology Services Board.  These actions are based on the recommendation of the Portfolio Subcommittee of the Technology Service Board at their May 13th meeting.

Data Center Investment Policy