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Disaster Recovery Policy Updated

The updated policy on Planning for IT Disaster Recovery and Business Resumption has been adopted.  This emergency update to the policy accomplished the following: 

  • Removed reference to annual certification process to match current practice.

  • Changed reference to annual update of plans from ‘annually’ to ‘at least annually’

TBM Policy & Standards Adopted

UPDATE:  On June 8, 2015, the Technology Services Board formally approved the TBM Policy and the two TBM standards.


The Technology Business Management (TBM) program has reached another important milestone – the adoption of a statewide TBM policy and two supporting standards.  These materials formalize current practice and represent months of work by the TBM Operational  and TBM Advisory Group .  

Data Center Investment Policy Feedback Due COB


The draft Data Center Investment policy, Policy 185, can be reviewed at the location below:

Please contact Mary Groebner with your feedback. She can be reached via email at the link on her name, or by phone at 360-902-0335.


Friday, March 27, 2015 - 3:45pm

Definition of Terms Used in OCIO Policies and Reports

CURRENT STATUS: Use of a single definitions repository will support alignment and consistency in use of terms across various policies, standards or reports produced by this office.  This glossary is being built as policies/standards are created or reviewed.