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Email Naming Guidelines


E-Mail Naming Standard Guidelines (as of 11/30/2015)

This document provides Email Naming Guidelines for Washington state agencies to resolve duplicates, provide addressing format and characters or designations.

Email Address Naming Standards





Business Owner/Steward Qualifications and Characteristics

The bullets below are common attributes to look for or cultivate in a business owner/steward:

  • Deep knowledge of business operations and how the application/system impacts these operations

  • Organizational authority to commit resources when needed

  • Ability and authority to bring people together to make timely and binding decisions

  • Ability and authority to make decisions when formal governance structures won’t or can’t make them

Email Naming Guidelines

E-Mail Naming Standard Guidelines (as of 11/30/2015)

Use one of the methods listed below in order to resolve duplicates.  These methods are listed in order of preference.

  1. Use the employees preferred first name or nickname (jim.smith or  jt.smith)
  2. Add a middle initial (james.t.smith)
  3. Add a number if no middle initial (james.smith2)
  4. Add a middle initial and number (james.t.smith2)

When creating the e-mail address:

Definition of Terms Used in OCIO Policies and Reports

CURRENT STATUS: Use of a single definitions repository will support alignment and consistency in use of terms across various policies, standards or reports produced by this office.  This glossary is being built as policies/standards are created or reviewed. 

State Adopts National Data Standards

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