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Established Enterprise Services

Pursuant to OCIO Policy 185, this page contains the official list of established Enterprise Services.

 Established Enterprise Services

(As of this post, no Enterprise Services have been established)

Service Name:


                Business or Service Owner Contact Information:

Requests to Establish an Enterprise Service


Requests to Establish an Enterprise Service

Existing process/services under consideration as potential enterprise services (and related technology):

  • Enterprise Active Directory and by extension the Enterprise Office 365 Tenant
    • Manage state’s internal identify management solution – Enterprise Active Directory – to accomplish single sign-on. 

    • Manage the State Forest within the  Enterprise Active Directory

141.10 Appendix C - IT Security Non-Compliance/Deviation Form

IT Security Non-Compliance/Deviation Form
Agency Name:      
Contact for Additional Information:      
Standard(s) to which a deviation is requested:  Section #       

  1. Describe the reason for non-compliance/deviation with the standard:


  2. Provide the business or technical justification:


Email Address Naming Standards





Data Registry

State Enterprise Data Registry

The State Enterprise Data Registry is designed to promote better business processes, and improve data quality, consistency, and interoperability. It provides governance standards and processes for data commonly used across multiple agencies. The Registry is a listing or directory of Tier One data.