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Considerations Affecting PC Procurement Decisions (201 Appendix A)

↵Agencies must apply the PC Procurement Policy No. 201 and its life cycle management practices to decisions on PC procurements valued over $20,000. For these PC procurements, agencies must complete this Appendix A and maintain that documentation in the agency. When an agency submits a decision package for PC procurement funding or requests OCIO approval for such purchases per OCIO Investment Policy No.

Media Handling and Data Disposal Best Practices

Agencies must establish formal, documented media disposal procedures. Documented procedures are critical, as they help ensure that effective processes are consistently applied, regardless of staffing changes or turnover.

141.10 Appendix C - IT Security Non-Compliance/Deviation Form

IT Security Non-Compliance/Deviation Form
Agency Name:      
Contact for Additional Information:      
Standard(s) to which a deviation is requested:  Section #       

  1. Describe the reason for non-compliance/deviation with the standard:


  2. Provide the business or technical justification:


Data Registry

State Enterprise Data Registry

The State Enterprise Data Registry is designed to promote better business processes, and improve data quality, consistency, and interoperability. It provides governance standards and processes for data commonly used across multiple agencies. The Registry is a listing or directory of Tier One data.