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Email Naming Guidelines


E-Mail Naming Standard Guidelines (as of 11/30/2015)

This document provides Email Naming Guidelines for Washington state agencies to resolve duplicates, provide addressing format and characters or designations.

Washington Government GIS Leaders (WGGL)

Washington Government GIS Leaders (WGGL)

Membership of WGGL is comprised of GIS Supervisors (Managers, Coordinators, Directors, and Department Heads) working at City and County organizations in Washington State.

Our current agreed goals:

Links to Agency Electronic Signature or Record Policies

RCW 19.360.020 requires that each agency electing to accept or require electronic signatures or records adopt and publish a policy that describes the methods and processes of electronic signature and record submission consistent with published guidelines.  It additionally requires that the OCIO maintain a website linking to the agency policies.

This page contains the links to the published agency policies or rules as reported by the agencies.


These are recent official communications from the Chief Information Officer or from the Office of the Chief Information Officer.


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2020 Annual Certification

Email Naming Guidelines

E-Mail Naming Standard Guidelines (as of 11/30/2015)

Use one of the methods listed below in order to resolve duplicates.  These methods are listed in order of preference.

  1. Use the employees preferred first name or nickname (jim.smith or  jt.smith)
  2. Add a middle initial (james.t.smith)
  3. Add a number if no middle initial (james.smith2)
  4. Add a middle initial and number (james.t.smith2)

When creating the e-mail address:

State of WA Wins TBM Council's TBM Champion Award

At the Technology Business Management (TBM) conference late October 2014, Washington State won the TBM Champion Award. Granted by the TBM Council, a non-profit professional organization dedicated to developing and promoting leading practices for managing the business of information technology (IT), the TBM Champion Award was one of five accolades presented to honor excellence and innovation in IT business management.

DataLink Administration Role (WaTech Applications/Data Integration)



DataLink is the software that is used to automate and schedule recurring data feeds from state agencies to specific projects inside Apptio thru SFT accounts or directly from data sources such as SQL ServerThis is accomplished by setting up DataLink connectors within the product through a GUI interface. 

The most likely scenarios for automated data feeds into Apptio at this time are anticipated to be: