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OCIO Publishes Initial Evaluation of IT Decision Packages

As part of the budget development process, the OCIO publishes a ranked list for all decision packages with an IT component. The OCIO has completed its initial analysis and provided input to OFM during the budget development process around these decision packages. The initial analysis of decision packages was conducted based on decision packages which were submitted by September 14th, 2018. An additional analysis will be published at a later date that includes all decision packages prior to the start of legislative session.

The IT Project Assessment Tool (ITPA)

The IT Project Assessment Tool is used to assist Washington state agencies and the Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) assess the cost, complexity, and statewide significance of an anticipated information technology project (RCW 43.105.245). 

Agencies are required to submit through this tool every IT investment/project with a combined level of effort total cost of more than $500,000 – OR – a duration longer than four months. Submitted project data is retained and will be used for analysis and refinement of oversight policies, practices and the tool itself.