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Technical Overview & Documentation

A number of state agencies have been using the WAMAS API's for some time and many of the business application include:
  • Verification of address and associated geography;
  • Sales tax determination, collection and distribution;
  • Permitting and location verification;
  • Public Safety and Emergency Response;

Washington Master Addressing Services (WAMAS)


Locating people and places in Washington

A history of inconsistent results in locating addresses in Washington has resulted in bad press and even legal action over the last decade.

These service API's can be consumed from within a web browser, a mainframe, desktop or server application.

The suite of services include tools that:

Washington Government GIS Leaders (WGGL)

Washington Government GIS Leaders (WGGL)

Membership of WGGL is comprised of GIS Supervisors (Managers, Coordinators, Directors, and Department Heads) working at City and County organizations in Washington State.

Our current agreed goals:

Geographic Information Technology (GIT) Committee

The Geographic Information Technology (GIT) Committee (GIT) promotes a strategic statewide approach to using geographic information technology.  The members also provide the leadership necessary for implementing spatial data management solutions at the enterprise level and driving the implementation of location based shared services. 

Quick link to the GIT Committee Page