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Stevens County Broadband Map

Stevens County has a new broadband speed test and map. It's based on the same Open Technology Institute open source code as the Seattle broadband map, and it's launching this month at the Tech Expo in Colville, WA

Broadband Speed Test

Agency Open Data Plans

This fall a number of agencies have developed and published open data plans. It's been a great period for open data all around Olympia, and we're looking forward to even better as we go from planning to doing in the months to come.

Here's a quick dashboard of the plans from all around state government:

mLab data shows broadband speed gains

Here's an open dataset on broadband speed tests. It's from the mLab group, part of New America Foundation's Open Technology Institute.  They have an open API, but for demo purposes, I used the web interface to compare Washington broadband speeds to some US and foreign areas that I think are similar.

Metadata Standard

Mapping with (and others)

For a recent meeting I put together a step-by-step stroll through the mapping and sharing features of

We start with this map as a starting point:

House State Gov't Committee testimony

Work session on Open Data and the Public Records Act in the House State Government committee on 7/12/2016.   The Open Data briefing is a StoryMap, available online here:

Other presentations are here:  Electronic Bill Book


WA Arts Commission

The Washington State Arts Commission has been working to improve access to art since 1961. This is what they do

  • They speak up for the public value of the arts.
  • They build leadership in and for the arts.
  • They strengthen arts education in our public schools.
  • They document the impact of the arts on our communities and in peoples’ lives, and
  • They share the findings.


Open Data - What's in it for Libraries (Wa Library Assn)

OCIO's Open Data Guy and the State Library's Federal Collections guy announced the kickoff of Data Equity for Main Street at the Washington Library Association's spring conference in Spokane. 

Here are the presentations and handouts:




National Library Week 2016

For National Library Week I'm dropping in at libraries near my meetings to try transform my work environment. Today I'm working from the Seattle Public Library's Northgate branch, following a morning meeting with the Office of the Education Ombuds.