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Principles of Quality Assurance (132 Appendix A)

Quality Assurance is a discipline to ensure that project management standards, processes, and procedures are appropriate and effectively implemented to increase the probability of a project’s success. A project has an increased probability of success when the agency’s executive management team and project management team are provided with timely, independent, and objective assessments.

Scrumming at Licensing

License eXpress was the first product delivered by the first Scrum team at Department of Licensing. Building on the success of that first Scrum team in 2012, Licensing now has over 60 IT staff participating on 10 Scrum teams. Instead of dissolving at the end of a project, the teams stay intact pulling in new projects and work. Products of the teams include: improved Firearm licensing system, Seahawks and Sounders license plates, and the upcoming 6-year Driver license.
Over the past few months here are some of the insights from the teams: